Double Storey Mining Accommodation


Connecting the 2 units


Veranda Installation


mining accommodation ensuited Download 2 Storey 4 MAN SPQ Floor Plan (pdf)

Benefits of multi-storey modular buildings:

Environmentally Friendly

Designing a multi-storey campsite or village can reduce the building envelope for accommodation by up to 50% creating less environmental impact. Multistory modular buildings will have a significantly higher energy efficiency rating which will reduce power consumption.

Reduced Cost

Multi-storey campsite & villages will have the following cost benefits:

  • Up to 50% less earthworks
  • Up to 50% less external cabling & trenching for power supply
  • Up to 50% less external plumbing, waste disposal lines & trenching
  • Up to 50% reduction in footing & hold down costs
  • Over 50% reduction in slabs for verandas
  • Up to 50% reduction in pathways
  • Over 50% reduction in veranda structures
  • Up to 50% reduction in landscaping
  • Up to 50% reduction in reparation cost at end of mine life
  • Significant reduction in power use due to greater energy efficiency

Thermal Rating

A multistory modular building will substantially reduce heat transfer to lower floor rooms thereby reducing room temperatures & heating costs. The Tropical roof over the top of the building will substantially reduce heat transfer to the upper floor rooms as there is an open void of 300mm up to 600mm above the roof of the upper floor building. Upper floor rooms have the added advantage of a more rapid cooling effect in the evening being 3m above ground level and will benefit faster from any cooling breezes.

Shaded Areas

The completed Multi-storey structure will provide large shaded areas throughout the camp site from sunrise to mid morning and mid afternoon till sunset. This will be a huge benefit with consideration to site design and may reduce the need for stand alone shaded structures.

Rapid Construction

A 16 man 2 story block can be assembled with roof, verandas & stairs in 2 days.

Easy Lifting

Our portable modular buildings are designed for simple lifting with a lifting point at each corner on the roof frame of the unit. Spreader bars are not required as the frame is made of fully welded RHS sections and has maximum bracing strength.

Lead Times

Modular Villages can produce up to 100 x 4 man units per month. An order of 400 rooms will require a 1 month lead time to secure materials and 1 month to fabricate buildings. Allow 1 month for delivery to site. In this instance we would quote 3 to 4 months with the possibility of delivery in less than 3 months.